Estándar Mundial de Habilidades Blandas

...because I care!

Wear a mask to show respect! Show that you care about those most vulnerable and cannot fend for themselves. To prove it, wear a mask and take a picture! And while you are at it, earn one (1) World Civility Index point as a bonus to show!

IITTI World Civility Index is a soft skills measurement standard, and is part of the United Nations Sustainable Development initiative.

This Index is used by people such as human resources (HRs) in assessing a job-seeker's soft skills such as business etiquette, empathy, and intercultural awareness. It is the passport to your future in terms of employment and school admission.

There are two steps:

Step 1 Aug 14 - Oct 31

Take a picture wearing a mask in a creative way, with showing the message below "...because I care!" on your phone.

How to join

Where can I post my comment and photo?

There are two "watering holes" where we gather:
1.) For your comment, go to IITTI official Weibo page: IITTI世界文明指数
(Weibo website /WorldCivilityIndex)

2.) For your "Because I Care!" photo, use your own Weibo account: In your post, add @IITTI世界文明指数 #因为我在乎#

There will be opportunities to join WeChat groups hosted by IITTI "Because I Care!" Ambassadors. Here is the list of Ambassdaors in China:

Name Qualification Weibo Name
西林 执照 IITTI 师资培训师, 中国大使 西林Emily
夏莉莎 执照 IITTI 青少年培训师, 香港大使
Shirley雪莉 执照 IITTI 青少年培训师, 深圳大使 Shirley雪莉在悉尼
乔溪濛 执照 IITTI 师资培训师, 大连大使 乔杰西_
冯祖丽 执照 IITTI 青少年培训师, 杭州大使 Kitty冯大丽
冯萍 执照 IITTI 培训师, 沈阳大使 斐米Fayme
安吉Ellie 执照 IITTI 培训师, 黑龙江大使 7028081303
尚睿 执照 IITTI 培训师, 杭州大使
张一鸣 执照 IITTI 培训师, 大连大使
张巍 执照 IITTI 培训师, 吉林大使 张巍Vivianzhang
张玲 执照 IITTI 青少年培训师, 广东广州大使  
徐菱 执照 IITTI 培训师, 海南大使 徐菱 Ling Xu
李君怡 执照 IITTI 青少年培训师, 佛山大使 形象顾问-君怡Jean
梁晶 执照 IITTI 师资培训师, 广州大使 嘉人学院院长-梁晶
王伟 执照 IITTI 青少年培训师, 北京大使 Mag-谷粒
红照 执照 IITTI 青少年培训师, 上海大使 红照形象
陈蒙濛 执照 IITTI 青少年培训师, 南京大使 Elena_蒙蒙
杨霖先Erica 执照 IITTI 培训师, 珠海大使 锦界美界
罗剑琼 执照 IITTI 青少年培训师, 广州大使
李美丽Emmiline 执照 IITTI 培训师, 天津大使
Patrick Chun陈   IITTI co-founder, executive director   IITTI世界文明指数

Step 2 Sep 15 - Oct 31

We are launching the new IITTI mobile app where you can scan a QR code to earn one (1) World Civility Index point! Here is the QR code for "Because I Care!" Scan the QR code, or click on it.
We support:
    Windows Chrome Browser
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    MacOS Chrome Browser
    iOS Safari Browser
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