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What is IITTI?




Does IITTI provide training classes?

No, we only do the test.

Please check under 資源 for schools that offer training.


What questions would you recommend to ask a school when seeking training for the IITTI Exam?

  • I am looking for business etiquette training in preparation for the IITTI (Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3) Exam. Does your training company offer a program to prepare for that exam?
  • In the exam there are three topics: professional appearance, business etiquette and dining etiquette, all regarding North American and internationally accepted Western business standards. What parts of this content does your school specialize in?
  • Does your program provide complete preparation or will additional study or self-study be required to be fully prepared for the exam?
  • Do you train people individually or in a group?
  • How long are your courses?
  • Is your training online or through live seminars?
  • Do you provide a workbook or resource material to reinforce the learning outcomes in preparation for the exam?
  • Do you make arrangements for the IITTI exam or will I need to contact IITTI to make my own arrangements for the exam?
  • What are the program training fees?
  • Is the IITTI exam fee built into your program fees or will I need to pay additional for this?
  • If I have already had training in one area would I need to take your whole curriculum or just the areas I need?
  • Do you test your students before they sit for the IITTI exam?
  • Can you recommend other training schools who offer programs that you don't?
  • Who have you trained and have they taken or passed the Level 1 exam?

Special Case
從2018年開始,大中華區(中國大陸,香港,澳門,台灣)的所有培訓師均需獲得國際軟技能培訓師認證組織授予牌照。 從2019年開始,這一範圍擴展到菲律賓、泰國和馬來西亞。 您可以在此找到所有培訓師的列表: (www.ISSTA.cn) .



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How can IITTI help in looking for a job?

You show your World Civility Index credential to employers as proof that you have the soft skills
  1. Take IITTI Reading Program
  2. Take IITTI exams

Details under www.IITTI.cn/789.