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IITTI Brochure

English IITTI Brochure
June 3, 2014 edition

Español Folleto de IITTI
June 3, 2014 edition



Exam Taker Guide

English Exam Taker Guide
Aug 24, 2016 edition

Español Exam Taker Guide
Jun 12, 2015 "b" edition


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  Kimberly Law, AICI CIP
"IITTI certification allows you to stand above your competition!"

1.) Study Guides for IITTI Level 1 Exam


2.) Online courses for IITTI Level 1 Exam
All photos supplied by Kimberly Law, Personal Impact, Vancouver, Canada

Dressing to Win in the Corporate Arena (Study Guide included)

Business Etiquette for Job Seekers and Promotion Seekers (Study Guide included)

Everyday Dining Etiquette (Study Guide included)