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"You do the training, we'll do the testing!"


Short FAQs

What do I need to have my lectures, seminars, field trips qualified as IITTI Activities so students can earn World Civility Index points?

You need to have your activities vetted to get your QR codes.

What do I need to offer IITTI Reading Program?

You need to get your personalized, special link (e.g. so you can advertise in your social media and website. If you want to contribute your own article to be a part of the Reading Program, you need to have your article vetted to get a QR code.

What do I need to offer IITTI Exams?

Starting Sep 2021, you need to be a Licensed IITTI Trainer. See ISSTA below.

Do I need to be an Associate to use or sell IITTI Exams, Reading Program and Activities?

No. Associates are volunteering advocates. They promote the IITTI World Civility Index standards.

Can you summarize?

In other words, you don't need to be a Licensed IITTI Trainer in order to use the QR code. The only thing that a Licensed IITTI Trainer can do is that it allows her students to sit for an IITTI exam. Here are the details:

IITTI products Who can use it?
...and grant World Civility Index points
IITTI Activities (lectures, seminars, etc.) with QR code All trainers
IITTI Reading Program with QR code and/or a special link All trainers
IITTI Exams (e.g. Business 'Level 1') Only Licensed IITTI Trainers

What do I need for my training company to be "IITTI-recognized"?

You need 25% of your trainers to have passed the IITTI Business 'Level 1' Exam.

Can I have exclusive rights to my country?

No. IITTI is an open standard, and is for everybody. It is "just a test" and doesn't deal with the commercial side of things. Talk to Orange Consortium below instead.

Starting Sep 2021 globally, in order to offer training (the "IITTI training") that allows a trainer's students to sit for an IITTI Exam, the trainer needs to be licensed by the International Soft Skills Trainer Accreditation ( (You don't need ISSTA if you just want to join the IITTI Reading Program & Activities.)

At the same time, all IITTI and ISSTA commercial operations are now done by Orange Consortium of Soft Skills Trainers. ( Orange Consortium is handling all business contracts such as distribution rights, joint-ventures, partnerships, etc.

Think like this:

  • IITTI - just a test
  • ISSTA - license for trainers
  • Orange - commercial contracts


I am confused!

How does IITTI certificate differ from an AICI certificate, a London Image Institute certificate or an Academy of Image Mastery (AIM) certificate?


IITTI certifies job-seekers and corporate workers, while AICI, London Image Institute and AIM certificates are examples for certifying image consultants.

IITTI is for employees not trainers
IITTI is for employees not trainers


What can IITTI do for me?


It depends if you are an image consultant, corporate trainer or university faculty.

Details under What can IITTI do for you?.


Why advocating IITTI is good for me?


Do something bigger than each of us individually.

Details under Why advocating IITTI is good for you.


How to introduce IITTI in 30 seconds?


It depends on who you are speaking to.

Details under IITTI in 30 seconds.


Does IITTI train image consultants or business etiquette trainers?


IITTI doesn't do training; it is just an exam.

We don't train the trainer, or the general public. The only thing we do is the IITTI exams for your clients.

To find schools that train-the-trainer, check under (international), (China).


What are the steps for me to use IITTI?


For IITTI Reading Program

  1. Read Why Reading Program?
  2. Contact IITTI ( for your permanent special link.
  3. If you want to have your article accepted as part of Reading Program, you need to get it vetted by the IITTI Vetting Committee to obtain a QR code. This process is similar to getting a QR code for an IITTI Activity below.

For IITTI Activities

  1. Get your lectures, webinars, workshops, field trips vetted by the IITTI Vetting Committee to obtain a QR code.
  2. Show the QR code to your students so they can scan and earn World Civility Index points.
  3. Contact IITTI ( for the vetting application.

For IITTI written exams

(You need to be a Licensed IITTI Trainer)
  1. Get the IITTI Standards and Guidelines document.
  2. Build your own training curriculum, or get help from other IITTI Trainers.

Details under


How do I do marketing for my business using IITTI?

  1. Do an ice-breaker with HRs
  2. Recommend HRs to adopt IITTI
  3. Use their job ads as your own advertisement

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